Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Learnin' We Will Go

There is a series of online videos from the National MS Society that help people learn about living with MS-whether they are the person diagnosed with it, or the people living with (and around) them.  It's called MS Learn Online, and I have put a few of them below in case you wanted to take a peek :)

I do have one really important-and perhaps, huge-favor to ask... Please take the time (about 1/2 hour) to watch the first two videos, Invisible Symptoms in MS Part 1 &2. These 2 videos have a great deal of important information that will help impact your relationships in a positive way...there is great stuff in there for the MSer and the normals :)  

And, it just might help you understand that family member/friend, or co-worker, a little bit better.

Invisible symptoms are not just limited to MS; many auto immune diseases have these lovely little surprises for us (Lupus, Fibro, RA, Celiac disease, Psoriasis, Myasthenia gravis, Sj√∂gren syndrome...the list is long) 

Invisible Symptoms in MS Part 1

Invisible Symptoms in MS Part 2



  1. Finally! Thank you-now maybe my family will listen!

  2. where did the join this site button go?

  3. I hit the post button too know, I always knew you were a strong person, and this really opened my eyes to just how strong you have to be every day, every minute.

  4. I don't know...there used to be a 'follow' button on the side-maybe I should change the layout can subscribe by email, or just bookmark it :) Thanks Hope!